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  Software Architect. Passionate about Clean Code, Tech, Web, AI, .NET, Python, IOT, Swift, SwiftUI and also Blazor


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Fix: SwiftUI Button or TapGesture inside ZStack tap area is shifted down

While a was developing a prototype UX with SwiftUI I have noticed a strange behavior. A button click or any Element with a onTapGesture,...
0 1 min read

Hide disclosure arrow indicator on SwiftUI List

If you are looking to remove the arrow which appear on the right of the list row on swiftui, you can use the following...
3 35 sec read

Remove view controllers from history iOS

To remove unwanted controller from your iOS navigation history you can use the following example. This will remove NewCustomerViewController from history, you can add...
0 10 sec read

A better way to programmatically handle constraints on iOS

There are many libraries for simplifying constraints definition from code. The best one i have found for my self is SnapKit. Lets say that...
0 18 sec read

File logging for iOS Apps

Are you looking how to store logs on the device file system? Here I will show you how you can achieve it. In an...
0 37 sec read

Enable drive sharing for docker on windows

Without enabling Drive Sharing for your drive where your code resides you could get the following error from Visual Studio error CTP1002: An error...
0 45 sec read

Develop go with VSCode new Remote Containers Feature

Go lang is a very interesting language and ecosystem, while it is very lightweight compared to other languages like C#, Java, etc.. in term...
0 3 min read

How to specify custom run arguments for Docker Tools in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio is growing better every year and the Docker Tools are no exception, released a few years ago are improved continuously with more...
0 2 min read