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  Software Architect. Passionate about Clean Code, Tech, Web, AI, .NET, Python, IOT, Swift, SwiftUI and also Blazor


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Laravel Livewire Property is not loaded when fill is used

If you are using Laravel Livewire, and on your component your are trying to load properties from your eloquent model using fill, for example...
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Getting started with your first Laravel 8 and Jetstream web site

Requirements NodeJS last version PHP Composer Introduction I’ve been programming for more than 20 years, mostly with .NET. Recently I had to work on...
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Laravel Unique Validation rule on update has already been taken

You got the validation rule with unique working on create, but when you are trying to update the same record your get The name...
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A simple extension to use Combine with PromiseKit and ServiceStack on Swift

Because ServiceStack use PromiseKit for it’s async calls on Swift, i made this little extension that convert a PromiseKit request into a Combine publisher....
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How to use KeyPath on CoreData Predicate for easy refactoring and preventing mistakes

If you come from a C# background for example you could be looking for something similar to nameof( Swift. If instead of hard-coded strings...
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PowerApps Reusable Modal Dialog Component

On this tutorial i’m going to show how you can build a custom reusable dialog component in Power Apps. Unfortunately power apps currently dosen’t...
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SwiftUI 2 DataGrid like Component with LazyVGrid

In Swift UI 2 presented at WWDC 2020, they added a new Component named LazyVGrid. With it and with the help of a GeometryReader...
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SharePoint Full width web part on Teams Site

While we should not rely on a trick like this one, and while it’s unlike that it’s going to change soon it could break...
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ASP.NET Blazor Pills – Render Markdown Client Side with MarkDig

Recently I’ve been thinking that I should start producing some videos to publish over youtube. Because I’m quite new to this video thing i...
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